MUS is a 3D game that was created over the span of 3 weeks. It is a horror platformer about a mouse that has to escape the claws of evil scary cats. I came up with the initial concept and style for the game as well as creating concept art, character design, 2D animations and level design.

For an individual part of the project I also modelled and textured the mouse character as well as creating a toon shader for the model. All of this was made in Blender. This is not included in the demo.

Play a demo of the game here


Art direction: Troels Jørgensen

Game Director: A. Christian Larsson

Concept artist: Ida Lilja

Character artist: Lucia Mauri

3D artists: Rosa Friholm

3D artist:  Anastasia Jacobsen

Initial hero shot/concept art for the game.

Concept art for the interior. I was very inspired by American cartoons and Tim Burton films, hence the exaggerated shapes of the furniture.

Exterior concept art. One of the main points of the game was to play with scale and make the player very aware of how small and fragile a mouse is compared to its surrounding elements.

Concept art of the player character. The colored drawing is the final design where I enlarged the size of the ears and eyes to make the character more readable (and cute) since it appears quite small on screen.

Character turn-around.

Mesh for the model.

Model with texture.

Model with texture.

Finished 3D model with the toon shader applied, showed in different lighting.

Initial concept art for the cats.

2D animation sprites were used as background elements in the game. I used Procreate to make these.

For an individual part of the project I changed the designs of the cats to be more demonic. The whole point is to create as much contrast as possible between the cute mouse and the scary cats. The designs are based on the cat's MO - this one chases the player and can run very fast.

These cats stalk the player from underneath a couch, only the eyes and teeth can be seen through the darkness.

This one claws at the player through a hole in a wall. 

This is supposed to be the final boss in the game; the Cat's Mother. All mutated monster cats spawn from this one.

Level design - the game is a 3D platformer with a locked perspective so the player path has to be quite linear.

Concepts for physical puzzles & obstacles.

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