I created a concept for a magical girl anime series as part of my final bachelor's project. The final product consists of an art bible as well as an animated trailer/anime opening. 

The story centers around two heroines, Tea and Ellen, who despite living in the same apartment complex seemingly have nothing in common. That is, until they are chosen to become magical girls that fight off evil aliens and keep the peace in Copenhagen! Now they must learn to work together and stay civil when on hero's duty, and wait with tearing each other's heads off till after alien-hours.

I focused on creating contrast between the heroines' character design as well as expressing their frenemies-character dynamic in the animated trailer. I was very inspired by Tivoli and pantomime-theater when designing their costumes. I did all animations using Blender's Grease Pencil tool.


Music: Lukas Nielsen

Everything else: Ida Lilja

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