I worked as a concept artist on a school project where we had to create a 3D game based on a worldbuilding prompt about "junk". I did various concept art, character designs and also modelled  and textured the protagonist character in Blender. It was my first 3D production and also first time creating a 3D character model.

Play a demo of Solus here


Art direction and scripting: Niek Meffert

Lighting & tech artist: Matthew Rasmussen

Level design, concept art and worldbuilding: Anastasia Jakobsen

Concept art and character design: Ida Lilja

3D artist: Rosa Friholm

3D artist: Lucia Mauri

Hero shot / concept art.

Character design variations.

Final character design / turn-around

3D model of the character. This was my first time modelling & texturing a character. All done in blender.

Character design for the player character's sidekick.

Concept art for background elements. The environment is based on a dystopian, decayed version of Brasília, where the architecture is very recognizable. 

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