Min sommer på Uminge

Min sommer på Uminge is a calming exploration and adventure game taking place on the fictional island Uminge over the course of a summer. The game is very inspired by Danish summer nostalgia and Studio Ghibli films, and we therefore created an island where Danish and Japanese culture blends together. The game is set up in a 3D world with 2D painterly backgrounds and handpainted textures to create a unique and nostalgic vibe.

My role on the project was concept art, character design and 3D modelling and we all worked closely together to create the worldbuilding and determine the universe and narrative for the game.


Character design, concept art, 3D modelling, UI graphics: Ida Lilja

Programming, game design, research: Isak Ravn

Narrative, sound design and background design: Simon Winther

Scene set-up, background design, concept art, 3D modelling: Xinru Liu Fog

Concept design for the environment on Uminge. Notice the mix of Danish elements like the danish flag, roadside vegetable stall and traditional Danish timbering on the lower part of the house. Japanese elements are the roof of the house, the koinobori on the flagpole and the shrines on the side of the road.

Here I experimented with how to combine Danish and Japanese architecture in a modular way. 

Concept art for "gift giving shrines" in the game.

Final 3D models of the player character and their grandmother. Modelled & textured in Blender.

Character turn-around.

Concept art for character customization.

Early concepts for the character design, here I was experimenting with the level of stylization.

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